​​H.Fish creates his original style of highly original art on a variety of unusual shaped canvasses, often using multi sided surfaces, three dimensional edging with positive and negative space.

His choice of medium: sign writing enamel and automotive lacquers combined with acrylic and pen allows him to interweave these materials to produce effects from controlled accidental abstractions to hyper-surrealism. These paint techniques are often applied to his sculpture.


Robert Williams, the founder of Juxtapoz magazine coined the terms underground art/lowbrow/pop surrealism in the late 70’s as a way to describe the modern art phenomenon that flew in the face of traditional gallery beliefs.


“In the last fifty years, the most gifted artists have had to make do with work as comic book inkers, tattooists, auto customizers, signwriters or in commercial art.

The fine art establishment had purged itself of representational imagery.

Art had become Duchamp's Dream…”Whatever the artist points their finger at”

Things have changed!!! People want to see stimulus of thought with shape and colour, abstract and representational, crude or precise”

Robert Williams - Juxtapoz Magazine.


Williams later referred to the Lowbrow movement as "cartoon-based abstract surrealism,” but it has also been called “pop surrealism” and “underground art” among other things. It often depicts the vehicles, fashions and styles of bohemian, beatnik, hippie and punk culture from around the globe.

The underground, lowbrow scene emerged from and remains most prominent in America where on any given weekend you can find an event featuring cutting edge art, graffiti art, custom cars and tattoo artists.


From H.Fish’s early beginning in psychedelic poster art and underground comics through custom cars and street art, he has matured as Australia’s leading advocate in this rapidly developing world art movement. of contemporary Australian art, original and unique in style.


Fish's unique original style is easily recognisable and is at the forefront of contemporary art.