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Contemporary International Australian Artist "H.Fish" was born in California in 1948.contemporary original art by iconic award winning artist H.Fish living in Beechworth

"Fish" began his profession at Berkeley University near San Francisco in the "Summer of Love" 1967.

He was quickly enveloped in the time and the art, which included poster art for Jimi Hendrix and work

with Robert Crumb and Rick Griffin on the hugely popular comic magazine "Zap Comix".

His long friendship with Rick Griffin and their work together is well recognised for its individuality and originality.

H.Fish Artist, is well established in the style of surrealism, popular surrealism and contemporary art

Fish's love of automobile & motorcycle customising turned from a passion into his business in San Diego in 1970.

He is credited with being the first person to chop a 911 Porsche and painting Janis Joplin's Porsche with Dave Richards and Christoph Grunenberg.

This car was permanently on display at the Gulf Coast Museum in Port Arthur, Texas, USA and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,

in Cleveland, Ohio. In December 2015 the Porsche was sold for US$1.76 million


Moving into the 80's, Fish worked on notable motion picture props including the flying wing for "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and

the Batman Roadster for Batman II, which was subsequently sold to a collector in Japan.

The amazing scope and depth of his work spans 50 years  and is held in noted collections throughout the world.


"When the cutting edge of Art shifted from Europe to New York in the late 1950's I was still young, but from my earliest memories I have been passionate about art and its place in my life.

My early influences came from Abstract Impressionism and beat poetry. Jackson Pollock, who instigated American abstract expressionism along with Ginsburg and Kerouac, through the written word, fed 'a need to know'.

During the 1950’s and 60’s I was fortunate enough to be involved in the early mix of American counter cultures of surf art, chopper and Hot Rod fabrication and illustrating underground comics.

I count Ed Roth as an inspiration, Von Dutch as mentor and Rick Griffin as a friend."                                                H.Fish


In 2003 "Fish" made a life changing decision to permanently relocate to Australia, he is now known for his colourful social

and political commentary through the visual image. his unique style includes original contemporary and popular surrealism

“Artist H.Fish is driven by life experiences and social awareness to create a colourful commentary on the social environment

as he sees it.
With his indicative urbanesque style Fish draws the viewer in to discover the true meaning of the heavily layered historic and modern day symbolism presenting topical and traditional narratives combined with myth. His interpretation of contemporary society; our world which is flooded with ever changing imagery, Fish isolates his subject matter and delivers imagery with challenging, often confrontational or controversial elements without losing the high visuality that appeals to young and old. Viewers can enjoy the playful elements or dig deeper”  

D.Wall/Curator Coffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery



“H.Fish’s art reminds us of the past and gives us great hope for the future”

Jon Lewis/Original member of Brett Whitley’s Yellow House



A unique original Australian Artist


Beechworth, VIC, Australia                               mobile 0422 977 977              +61 422 977 977


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